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Silvertex Good Water silver carpet for water storage water XS
  • Silvertex Good Water silver carpet for water storage water XS
  • Silvertex Good Water silver carpet for water storage water XS

Silvertex Good Water silver carpet for water storage water XS

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implementationGood Water XS
Suitable forDeposits up to 25 litres

Effective and durable water conservation for deposits between 25 and 240 litres


  • Automatic maintenance of water for mobile homes, trailers, caravans, boats, water tanks, bladders to drink, camping showers
  • It protects its deposited drinking water and water tanks in a simple, reliable and durable way against contamination and the formation of biofilms.
  • Automatic dosing by self-regulable release of ions of silver without energy input and other additives such as chlorine, minerals, etc.
  • Light and flexible
  • Long term of use up to one year (maintenance depending on the content of water chloride)

Long-term water conservation with silver-plated water tank networks and more
Viruses and bacteria begin to multiply as soon as water remains untreated in a water tank or other container for a longer period of time.In other words: the stored water can now contain legionella, enterococos, pseudomonas or other pathogens and pose a danger to humans and animals. The bacteria and the like make the supposed fresh water unbeatable and should definitely not drink anymore.

To counter this form of contamination from the beginning, you can keep water with silver nets.Silver networks, also known as silver mats, can be used, for example, in private areas where water is stored, temporarily stored and usually used for personal use for a longer period of time.The most common areas of application include:

  • water tanks
  • water boat
  • bottles to drink
  • water dispenser
  • babysitter

Silver networks for freshwater tanks allow the storage of drinking water for up to one year.
TIPS: Use our chlorine dioxide solution ready to use to clean your tank before the start of the season and then Silvertex Good Water to permanently keep the water stored.

How does the silver mesh work for water deposits?
The nucleus of silver mats is the proven silvertex network for the effective and permanent conservation of water based on silver ions.Silvertex is an innovative 3D fabric (technical textile) and was specially developed in cooperation with German universities and scientific institutes for the conservation of drinking and industrial water.The material consists of polyester, polyamide and silver.Used as a water preservative, the effect of silver nets is based on pollution prevention.

Not in vain it is said that silver has a germ inhibitor effect (bacteriosstatic) and germ reducer (bactericide).The conservation of water with silver nets makes use of this principle.In case of contact with water or humidity, the silver ions are released on their own from the silver mat, since it is metallic silver and not nanoplates.The released silver ions adhere to potential pathogens, damaging the cell membrane and inhibiting the growth of new bacteria.This process is self-regulated and repeated until the silver ions of the material are completely exhausted.Proven technology begins with the first contact with water.

There is no risk of silver overdose.The concentration of silver ions dissolved in drinking water cannot exceed the respective limit values allowed.Each substance only dissolves to a certain concentration: the chemical balance point.

Note: Silver ions allow to keep drinking water for as long as possible.However, you cannot use it to purify the water of the river or tap water without guaranteeing drinking water and making it drinkable!

Silvertex silver mesh: water conservation in 3 steps
The application of silver mesh in water deposits is very easy and is done in just a few steps:

Step 1:Fill with fresh water a clean water tank or a container of your choice.Make sure it's really safe water from a reliable pipe.To be sure, you can check water quality in advance with a quick water test or use a filling filter.

Step 2:Remove the silver carpet from the packaging and place it as centered as possible in the tank.The silver mat should not be left directly at the bottom of the container, but at the same time it should be completely covered by water.If necessary, you can use the device supplied for this purpose.

Step 3:only use preserved water.

The flexible network is suitable for stainless steel and plastic tanks with a volume of up to 25 l, 50 l, 120 l and 240 l, depending on the size of the silver carpet.You can easily remove or replace the mat from your tank at any time using the "easy exit" retraction device provided.If you don't need the silver tape, it's best to keep it dry in a protected place of light.

It is good to know: The material is not suitable for aluminum or steel containers, as there is a risk of corrosion!

Perfect for the mobile home: water tank with silver mesh to self-dose germ protection
The importance of clean drinking water is particularly important for camp enthusiasts and outdoor activities.Anyone who is “on the road” for a longer period of time does not always have access to clean water and depends on a well-preserved water supply.Therefore, the silver network is the ideal companion for camping.

The silver mat automatically ensures that fresh water is kept as soon as the water tank is filled.Pure silver ions not only protect water, but also the whole freshwater system effectively against pollution.In addition to the tank, this also includes the pump, lines and accessories.The product is available for all container and tank sizes and should only be changed once a year for many tank sizes.**

** Leaving water in the rolling house in winter is not a good idea.Water pipes are usually made from soft plastic, which is flexible to a certain extent, but tank or tap accessories are usually made from a harder material.Because water expands when it freezes, this stress can cause the breakdown of parts of the water system.To counter this, you must drain all the tank water and the lines to drain the system.Don't forget the pump and boiler.You can also use a possible service cap to dry the tank with a cloth.If there is no water anywhere, nothing can be frozen.In particular, anyone who puts naphthalin balls in their rolling house during the winter should try to reduce to zero the amount of possible bacteria.

Before you place the silver network in your tank, you must perform a unique basic cleaning and disinfection of your freshwater system.
Use biocid products carefully.Always read the label and product information before using it!


Attention!Very toxic to aquatic organisms, with lasting harmful effects.Avoid their release to the environment.

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