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Megasat satellite antenna
  • Megasat satellite antenna
  • Megasat satellite antenna
  • Megasat satellite antenna
  • Megasat satellite antenna

Megasat satellite antenna

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Specifications: Campingman / Shipman
Parabolic antenna
Banda Ku Frequency Band
Input frequency 10.7 12.75 GHz
Diameter of the antenna 45 cm
Dimensions of the dome 70 x 40 cm
33dBi antenna win
Minimum PIRE 49dBW
Horizontal/Vertical Polarization or RHCP/LHCP
2-axis DC motor
Elevation 15° ~ 62°
Unlimited switch
Operating temperature -25°C ~ 70°C
Operating voltage 12 V CC / 3 A (selectable)

Scope of delivery Campingman / Shipman:

dome antenna
Control unit with power cable included
antenna connection cable
F connector protective cover
Dekalin MX5 for assembly

Parabolic antenna Campingman:
With just pressing a button, the antenna automatically finds the selected satellite in 1 or 2 minutes, allowing satellite reception in caravans or stationed mobile homes. The antenna is best protected against external damage by an elegant plastic cover. We don't have to ride and dismount tedious on the site. The included positioner works independently and can be operated with any receiver. Weight 9 kg.

Parabolic antenna Campingman Twin/Auto Skew
In addition to Campingman, the Twin/Auto Skew version offers an automatic tilting system and a second connection for another television. The AutoSkew function corrects the polarization change by rotating the LNB and thus allows the best possible reception in all places in Europe. Weight 10 kg.

Satellite antenna sailor:
Shipman is the ideal companion for anyone who does not want to miss the opportunity to enjoy digital entertainment while driving. The automatic positioner finds the selected satellite with just touching a button and maintains this position while driving. This is possible thanks to an automatic tracking system, which automatically recognizes and corrects any change of direction. When used in buses, motor homes, barges, yachts and other moving vehicles, this system guarantees a comfortable TV and radio even while driving. Weight 9 kg.

Satellite Antenna Shipman GPS Auto Skew:
The satellite tracking system is enhanced by the use of GPS and an automatic deviation system. The integrated GPS antenna together with the AutoSkew system allows a location determination in seconds and an ideal oblique position of the LNB for a perfect reception across Europe of the powerful satellites with a wide range. This mature and durable technology is protected by an elegant plastic cover and is therefore weather resistant against external influences. Weight 12 kg.
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